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    Superpoints is a bit like Swagbucks - take surveys and get points and convert these to paypal etc. (referral link)

    You also do a daily spin as well that starts of with 20 spins and gets more as you progress through the levels. It does take time to do this but I am working on a script that will run with one click and then you can go off and do other things.
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    OMG are they back? I used to do Superpoints but they disappeared quite a few months ago and took my hefty points balance with them...

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    I don't need anything else to chain me to my computer - I have enough trouble getting away from it as it is! I stopped doing surveys a couple of years back, as rewards kept changing & catching me out :-(
    Also proud to be a Yam Yam !

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    I was going to sign up for it but there are 4 blank bxes with no indication of what needs to be filled in? Presume the top 2 are name and maybe the second two are email and email confirmation?

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    I used to be a member then it vanished; have re registered now.

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    The daily spin thing is a pain but you can win quite a few points with it - but having to sit and press button 20 times (yawn) especially on a slow connection. Definitely will be working on the scripting to get that automated - if i get it working would anyone be interested?

    The surveys are quite quick to do but dont always qualify for them - but have usually got 8 there a day waiting to be attempted.

    Quick click for one point a day is obviously worthwhile

    Just need to keep plugging away - have a target of money to be earned outwith of normal salary a month - currently am miles off!
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    Very interested in automated spin and win, thanks.

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    Very interested too so far gained just one point from 40 spins. It seems very slow to collect points, any tips?

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    I've been doing the surveys .. Seem to get better matched in there tha n Swagbucks
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