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    This is another online earning website which rewards for clicks, videos, surveys etc. It is US based so some things do not work for UK but its REAL advantage is the INSTANT provision of online gift cards with a very low minimum cash out of ?1 and a fair exchange rate of 1.60. was created in February 2011 it offers instant gift cards to its members. There are only a few rewards options for UK members but as Amazon is one, hardly a problem.Plenty of easy offers available with new ones added daily.It also offers a lot of extra small rewards such as Points Booster Codes and Daily/Weekly/Monthly comps as well as points for searches.

    Extremely helpful chatbox and support

    This is my referral link but if I am reading this correctly, Giz intends to set up a fair referral system for site sign ups and I am more than happy for this to become her's or the site's referral link if they join up. Referrals earn the referrer 10% so could be an income generator for PTS or provide gift cards for mod incentives or prizes etc.

    I have had about ?1200 in rewards over less than 2 years, mainly through Crowdflower (another subject altogether and happy to add detail if interested) but also surveys, codes and offers.

    The rewards always seem to be pretty good in comparison to other sites. For example the GeoLotto currently on Swagbucks for 800 is available on one of the InstaGC walls for 1044.

    Giz - feel free to edit/delete if this is not what you intend for the new look PTS. Likewise, if it is, join up and get your referral link at the top.
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    Great post Daisy - I've signed up using your link.

    If you are happy to post earning opportunities and information on thread and keep up dated etc I'm happy to leave you as referrer? A way of saying "thanks" for contributing.
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    Do think it warrangs own section like Swagbucks has - then can just post threads for specials etc?
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    Good post, already a member. Very easy to earn a few points watching videos and a daily search. Worth adding them on facebook as they post bonus codes there.

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    not sure really

    I would've thought maybe a section or subsection for Other Online Earnings and then a thread for each site might do.

    There are lots of them that might crop up, Inboxpounds, Neobux etc so that might save 'clutter' in the site directory. If one in particular takes off, it could then get its own section.
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    I'll start us off with a few things that have credited for me this week

    On wall:

    Casino Classic 55
    Reward TV 38
    GeoLotto 1044

    InstaGC main wall

    Bleach online 25
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    Daily activities:

    - usually at least one search win 1-5 points
    - a few videos usally on TokenAds, PeanutLabs, SupersonicAds, Offer Toro and occasionally on SuperRewards, MatomyMoney and Volume11
    - clicks - mainly OfferToro and InstaGC with the odd one on MatomyMoney
    - the surveys on the InstaGC wall are repeatable daily
    - booster codes appear randomly in chat for fastest fingers first- limited to 3 per 24h
    - booster codes also appear on Facebook and Twitter
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    A few quick points for today

    1. Do a few searches till you get some bonus points
    2. Supersonic wall - the video there is repeatable 6x
    3. Offer Toro - 5/6 daily clicks
    4, Peanuts Labs 3 x 2pt videos
    5. TokenAds - 3 or 4 videos
    6. check facebook page for a booster points code ( site rules prevent sharing the code)

    Also a couple of quick sign ups that have just worked for me

    1. Offer Toro - Wowcher for 38
    2. Offer Toro - Points2ShopUK for 34
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    Thanks Daisy; especially for "Supersonic wall - the video there is repeatable 6x"
    I never check on Supersonic; I will now !

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    New Facebook booster code
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