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Thread: InstaGC

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    Thanks Daisy.

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    As only a couple of people have signed up as new members that I can see, can I gauge interest?

    Happy to provide tips or answer questions but will probably revert to latter if there isn't much interest.

    Crowdflower is a big potential earner here - compare the earnings for the same tasks with the rates on Swagbucks and you'll get why I switched. Its a bit of a slog earning Level 1 to start with but once you do you get access to many more tasks. At the moment there is one appearing daily for 28 and very quick. Happy to chat through Crowdflower if there is interest. Crowdflower is available through many reward sites. I have only found one which pays higher than InstaGC but there is very little else on there to do so I tend to favour the Instagc format which is very much like Swagbucks but, for the stuff I do, higher paying and I don't have time to frequent multiple sites daily.
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    I have never tried CF as can only access Instagc by my tablet.

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    Giz, please can you move this thread into the new sub-section for other online earning please?

    Also, did you know and is there a reason why the Swagbucks subsection disappears when not logged in? Is it meant to be private or just a set up glitch?
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    Well, as a couple more people are having a go here is one for today that credited quickly

    Offer Toro : HomeAway Holiday Rentals for 57

    The Token Ads Vids have gone back up to 0.94 from 0.49 -yay. Also these only require a few seconds to credit not a full watch

    Don't forget Offer Toro Daily Clicks

    Don't forget Supersonic vid x 6
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    My Toro says;

    No offers for you at this time (pro stop).

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    Quote Originally Posted by markat View Post
    My Toro says;

    No offers for you at this time (pro stop).
    You could try a different browser Markat

    It says that for me on a work computer as well
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    Thank you; will try from home tonight.

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    New facebook code

    Don't forget to search, do clicks on Offer Toro and vids on TokenAds and Supersonic plus a couple on Offer Toro

    Reward TV on TrialPay and Offertoro is a reliable payer - you usually get credit before you've finished the games
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    Well, a few more people have joined the party and are earning away now so I will try and keep it going

    Surveys - I know surveys are done in lots of places for lots of prices but the ones which seem to favour us in the UK here are ones on the Insta wall and the ones on Most of the other walls are ok but generally the same stuff pays better elsewhere

    Also try AdWall - Unique Rewards 172. Crediting was delayed for me but it did turn up the next day
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