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Thread: ?50 visa gift card availability

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    Still wont accept mine today

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    Have you tried ringing nsandi directly and asking them ? In my experience they have been very helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joedog View Post
    Still wont accept mine today
    Having exactly the same issue with a couple I bought today. Tried before registering online and afterwards without any luck. If I put a start date in it says the card number is invalid, if I don't it says the transaction was declined

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    If you try to register them on the gospendit site does it say unrecognised or register it? If it comes up as unrecognised it should resolve itself in a few days.

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    Worked fine when i registered on gospendit so nothing wrong with card

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    joedog - could you clarify by what you mean it worked fine?
    i.e, were you able to deposit it into the NS&I account?

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    Sorry meant it registered fine on gospendit so nothing wrong with card but still cant register it with nsi, as saying number invalid

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    As per my above entry, have you tried ringing National savings directly and asking them ?

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    Our local Morrisons has now re-stocked on the ?50 Visa Gift cards - although not quite as excited about that fact what with NS&I route being closed now

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    Been to 3 other stores now, all had stacks of the ?50 Visa Cards which I had cleared out prior to the NS&I change.
    Felt so wrong not buying them!

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