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    We have a bathroom with vinyl flooring over vinyl tiles that was in a mess. I have taken up the flooring but it has left a very sticky surface. I don't want to go for a ply floor as the base is sound just sticky. It was also cause problems with levels and a cheap fix is all that's needed. Is there any other options so I can put the vinyl floor down?

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    Sorry - I'm being thick here I think! Just to clarify, you simply want to replace the vinyl? Was the old one stuck down then? If the new one is being stuck down I'm not sure why any residual stickiness is an issue?

    But assuming you want to eliminate the stickiness I'd suggest very thin ply but if that is too much how about thick lining paper?
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    Otherwise I would imagine there is a solvent you could clean off the floor with. I'm sure any flooring supplier could advise on that.
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    Maybe one of those self leveling compounds (floor leveling mixes)? Apply just enough to cover which will prevent the sticky problem whilst not creating a problem with levels (may even fix some if you have any bumps).

    As had been mentioned - in all honesty I can't really see a problem as you will surely be sticking down the new vinyl floor on top of the sticky floor tiles?

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    I used a hot air gun and a scraper but it's slow work. Dom I want to remove the glue as it's sooooo sticky and it'll make laying the new vinyl very hard to lay, you won't be able to roller out bubbles. Much easier to remove it all, lay the new vinyl and cut to size then lift edges to stick down.

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    Have you already got the new vinyl ?

    If not i recommend Karndean - we had that fitted in ensuite & bathroom - looks great.
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    I got some thanks. I got some 4mm stuff cheap off eBay which looks very good apart from I'd prefer it embossed deeper.

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