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Thread: My cashback superstore

  1. Default My cashback superstore

    Doing a google search and came across this cashback website.
    Never heard of them - has anyone?

    Anyone got any info on them - or anyone techy enough to know whether this seems like a legit cashback site?

    I can't seem to find out if they are new, or even whether they are still effectively trading - seems a bit weird I've never heard of them before.

    Any help - much appreciated.


    Actually - I did some digging via their blog on their website (no updates since Sept 2013) - also FBk - which showed they started in 2011 - but again no updates on Fbk since 2013 - makes me wonder whether they are still operating??
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    Quick scan of T&Cs and there is a ?5 annual fee deducted from payment.

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    I'd say unless there is a strong reason to use them (significantly better cashback levels) then stick with TCB/Quidco or whatever other tried and tested site(s) you use.

    If they are amazingly better then perhaps try a small test transaction first and see how you go. Otherwise maybe someone will be along soon with some more info.
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    I saw the ?5 fee.
    I am a member and regular user of TCB/Quidco - however, my parents are planning to book a hotel - they don't have cashback - so I said I'd see if I could get cashback - a quick google search of the hotel company (needs to be booked direct as they also offer free transfers to/from airport if booked directly) - and it is no cheaper with any 3rd party - eg. Expedia - so although I could get 12% via Expedia/TCB, they feel more secure with the free transfer with the hotel.
    Anyway - a Google search of the company (Servigroup) brought up the above website as the only one offering any cashback - and it's one of those deals where the cashback is not paid by the hotel company but by the cashback website (TCB often do them).

    as the purchase is likely to be in excess of ?700, and the cashback rate is 8%, then I'm looking at more than ?50 cashback even after the ?5.

    I would prefer to be able to persuade my parents that Servigroup are simply going to be using a standard transfer company - and it'll probably be cheaper to book with Expedia - get the 12% cashback - and then book the transfers separately for about ?30.

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    If they won't be persuaded then surely there is nothing to lose booking it through this site? At worst they won't get any cashback, but they aren't expecting any anyway.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Gave it a whirl - and the link was "dead" - took me to a random page about "Trade Doubler" or something - clearly the site is not operational.

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