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Thread: New Amex offers

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    Default New Amex offers

    Stacks have appeared on my accounts, most are only valid once and for the first 60,000 people to click - here are some

    World Duty Free
    Spend ?65 or more, get ?10 back

    Caff? Nero
    Spend ?10 or more and get ?5 back

    Vue Cinemas
    Spend ?25 or more to get ?10 back

    Spend ?50 or more to get ?10 back

    Spend ?60 or more and get ?15 back

    Spend ?20 or more and get ?5 back
    Spend ?50 or more and get ?10 back

    The co-operative electrical
    Spend ?200 or more and get ?20 back

    House of Fraser
    Spend ?50 or more and get ?10 back

    Fat Face
    Spend ?50 or more and get ?10 back

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    So what are you going to buy, 3V cards in Boots?

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    possibly 3Vs (x 6)
    Or stamps!

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    Thank you, some fab offers in there

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    Do you get these if you have the BA Amex pls? I can't see the above in my offers.

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    Where in your amex account do you fibd these special offers, i have looked and cannot find any offers anywhere.

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    HUmph mine only has ?50 off ?300 at paper chase and ?20 off ?100 in food at Marriot! Hardly my spending habits
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    These offers are for American Express, not just limited to BA Amex cards

    When you log on to your Amex account if you click on the offers button, and offers open to you will be shown with the option to save them to your card. If you have more than one Amex then you have to click on each Amex and then click on offers and add.

    Not everyone will have all the offers. Especially if your card is new.

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    All offers are showing across our BA Premium, Plat and Gold Amex cards.
    Maybe only all show depending on amount spent?

    I have never shopped at Boots, Ocado or Vue with any of our cards.

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    Here is a link you can use to register for Amex connect and then add your Amex cards - it doesn't seem to allow me to add suppl cards though

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