Not sure where to put this but I suppose if this is a regular thing here is as good as any.

I've got the Marks app on my iphone, never been anything exciting on it but I had a glance through last night and under my offers there were some money off codes - mostly you press and get an instore code, one item per voucher so I assume they are one use only

I am wondering if everyone has the same offers?

1/3 off lamb joints
?1 wyb any gelato ice cream 11/07
20% off butters and spreads 11/07
50% abel champagne 07/11

?3 wys any Spanish wine or cava - Marks wines start at ?5 so I wonder if there are any Spanish ones - or maybe a wine in the picnic or ?10 meal deal

Free medium hot drink if you buy a breakfast item - I am wondering what would be the cheapest breakfast item is - a medium hot chocolate is about ?2.60 for a hot chocolate