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Thread: Mattress advice please

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    Default Mattress advice please

    Looking to update our spare bedroom (only used by family for holiday and Xmas)
    Want to get a new mattress and wondered if anyone had any experience of buying a vacuum packed/roll up mattress (not sure of the correct name - but they come in a bag and seem tiny but triple in size once opened). Only slightly cheaper than a normal mattress but seem very comfortable and there is a saving of ?40 on the delivery charge as we can fit it in the car.
    Any advice much appreciated
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    Yes we have one on our bed and it is very comfortable. We have had it 9 years. It is called WaterLatex or something like that and is guaranteed I think for 15 years. Once unwrapped it is permanently full sized and you won't ever get it back in the bag.

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    We have 2 of these and my sons find them very comfortable, I love them too but my husband doesn't .

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    We have a John Lewis basics double mattress in our spare room and it is really comfortable.
    It is currently ?70 for a double with free delivery. Seriously it is really good!

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    thanks Jen for posting ...i am looking to renew my daughters double mattress and was just looking for something cheap just now

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    It's a tricky one - we decided not to go for the cheapest option when buying our spare room mattress. I've slept on it a few times when Polo had a bad cough and I needed to be up early for work and found it comfy yet Polo's Dad doesn't like to stay as he says he finds it uncomfy! My sister had a put me up once that was so uncomfy I could hardly sleep so stopped staying there overnight. It's a tricky one as you don't want to spend a fortune but buy something too cheap and pointless guests not being comfy. If your daughter will be the most regular user I'd buy with her in mind - either firm or soft depending on her preference!
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    Thank you all for your advice, much appreciated. I am decorating the room this weekend.

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