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Thread: Worst gift card promo ever?

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    If Sainsburys want to compete seriously with Morrisons or Tesco on GC sales, this is clearly not a good promotion.
    *If* the intention is to compete long term, as opposed to giving regular shoppers a one off promotion. Could easily be a "test the water" promotion to see if sales increase, hence the short life span. If sales go up, it is likely to be extended.

    Like I say I see no problem with the promotion, it is better than no promotion at all, and the return on a ?50 spend is exactly the same as Morrisons. Although one thing to look out for is the Sainsburys limit of 14 days to use the voucher, the last one I got at Morrisons was about 2 months.

    Sainsburys also sell Amazon gift cards, Tesco don't, so a further 4.3% off some Amazon credit is just fine by me (obviously this value will fluctuate as the price per litre goes up and down and assuming no 3V available which near me is just about all the time). I am not going to be any better or worse off than by getting these cards at Morrisons.

    The best promotion by far is of course Tesco, with 4p off fuel and 150 points per ?50 spend, assuming they are selling the cards the customer wants.

    So my own conclusion is that for the majority of shoppers spending <=?50 on cards this promotion is pretty much on a par with Morrisons, and inferior to Tesco. Clearly if you are looking to spend a grand at B&Q or something, go to Morrisons.

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    I suppose the short validity of the fuel voucher could also be a more important issue if selling on ebay. This promotion isn't advertised in either of the Sainsbury's stores that I regularly visit, although presumably still applies and might be of some interest when also combined with 'mycoupon' bonus points; hopefully those activate successfully when buying gift cards - can anyone confirm this please? ta

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    Also depends how often you fill up and how many cards you buy? 3 x 5p off a litre is inferior to 12p off a litre if you fill up only occasionally. But if you full up regularly and don't buy enough cards at Tesco or Morrisons to get more than 5p off a time then it's ok. Personally most of the time I favour a bigger discount on an occasional big fill up as I'm not a massive mileage person and only tend to fill up once a month yet can use ?200-300 of 3V a month (and can usually find them without issue again now)
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    Our Sainsburys is usually about 2p a litre more than T and M so this one is starting with a handicap!
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