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Thread: checkoutsmart

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    It's on both checkoutsmart and clicksnap so you could claim 2 x ?2 via separate receipts; ends tomorrow though, unless extended.

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    the checkout smart friday offer is little yeos free from asda

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    free herb mix (from sainsburys)

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    More info:

    Make Magical Meals in a Shake!

    Transform everyday meals with Schwartz Perfect Shake Herb & Spice Blends.

    Spicy Italian - A seasoning blend with bell peppers, chilli, garlic and basil. Delicious stirred into tomato based sauces or sprinkled on pizza.

    Pork - A seasoning blend with sage, onion and parsley. Simply shake onto Pork Chops or loin steaks before grilling or over roast pork during cooking.

    Lamb - A seasoning blend with mint, garlic and rosemary. Simply shake onto Lamb before cooking, or try adding to lamb mince and finely diced red onion to make kebabs.

    Try yours today for FREE with CheckoutSmart!

    Retailer: Sainsbury's &

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    My app also hs a free strongbow cloudy apple cider from Asda - but only there 17-18 August so you have to be quick. Picked mine up last night after the cinema.

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    ?1.25 in Asda for the cider btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by akh46 View Post
    My app also hs a free strongbow cloudy apple cider from Asda
    This is available again - Asda or Morrisons. Probably best to be quick as it's been listed for a few days now so might not last much longer. I picked one up this morning, submitted the receipt straight away and already been rewarded.

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    FREE Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider 500ml is now on Quidco Clipsnap too!

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    As posted by KiKai on HUKD, you can claim any Paul Hollywood Baking Mixes via the Checkoutsmart App when purchased from Tesco only until 28 April 2016

    Also use the 50p coupon in the current Tesco Magazine to make 50p Profit

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    They also just sent me an e-mail that says they've added:

    FREE Brothers Cider (coconut & lime) 500ml at Tesco

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