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    Frustrating it's always dog food and never cat.

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    I just saw this on HUKD. It looks like it's just for today and only on COS:

    Free Yeo Valley strawberries & cream ice cream 500ml at Waitrose and Sainsbury's.

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    Also from HUKD - Free Colgate Expert White with Brand Guarantee

    Tesco Price £5.00 each
    Sainsbury's Price £3.00 each

    CheckoutSmart/ClickSnap £6 Cashback for two together. Max 1 claims

    Buy 2 = £10 - £4 Brand Guarantee = £6.00

    ** Just add that I tried this out this evening in my local Tesco superstore and the toothpaste did not compare. I bought 2 tubes of the cool mint variety.

    ** I rang customer services and they agreed it should have compared and have promised to send me a £5.00 money card.
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    1 day left

    Free can of Orchard Thieves cider from Tesco or Sainsbury’s

    Free Fage Total split pot yoghurt 170g from Tesco Sainsbury’s Booths, Co-po& others.

    Free Yazoo limited edition choc mint Valid at Nisa-Today's, Premier or Spar.

    Free Onken extra creamy yoghurt 450g - Valid at Waitrose.
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