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Thread: TV recording, catchup TV etc - thoughts please

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    Yeah I probably need to call them . Yes this offer finishes soon but last time I looked it was finishing soon and the next time I looked it was back again!
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    There's a deal on MSE - in the weekly news sheet -on Sky.
    From what I remember it's ?35pm for everything Sky has to offer incl Movies & Sport BUT it's broadband & phone too.. Might be worth having a look? However I don't like the fact that with everything in 1 place you're less tempted to cancel all.

    There have been quite a few deals on Sky for new customers incl. a free TV & cashback etc. You can often get it down to single figures if you chose lowest package.

    We didn't want to get suckered into Sky BUT have an old aerial that receives few freeview channels. Went for the cheapest half price package (or less- can't remember too long ago). I've always managed to renew over the last 7-8yrs for less than ?8 a month. We had over 2 years of totally free Sky everything - this was after leaving it lapse, don't worry they will call you with an offer you can't resist - free everything is nice!

    Have thought about a Humax box but TBH have had such good deals with Sky that it really wasn't worth the outlay for the box. Just say you just can't afford it & laughingly joke that free is about all you could do per month + always be VERY nice to anyone who calls from Sky.

    We haven't been on the lowest package since first joining. At the moment we have the family package + boxsets +HD for less than ?8 a month. The boxsets are worth having when there is nothing on the box in the summer. ?8 is expensive for us after all the free years and a couple of pounds a month we've had.

    When you cancel you can always get Now TV, usually for free with TCB for a month until you get called with an offer you can't refuse.

    If you're willing to lose Sky/recording for up to a month at a time then Sky can be cheaper than a Humax box or similar.

    I'm at a loss when I read about how much some are paying for Sky - no way would I pay what many pay. Remember all they have to do is flick a switch to turn you back on - less than that as it's all computerised. They'll willingly take far less as I don't think it costs them more to keep everyone with them. The first time we got free everything for a year it was a couple of months before Christmas & I was told they needed more viewers so they could get more revenue from advertisers. - They win all ways!
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    Many thanks for the info. One of the main reasons we want recording is for the young-uns programmes so we have a library easily available when we need them. To have to not have it for a month every year would be incredibly annoying tbh. BT appears to not be offering special discounted rates (although some offers on the website are introductory but seem to offer more than we actually want or need). So the thinking is we get what we want for ?10 a month with the BT TV and ?10 BB and ?17 line rental, then the ?300 cashback/Sainsburys voucher reduce the whole lot to around ?15 a month equvalent for the year, then we move elsewhere (cashback/discount) for the next year.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Hi Dominic. Swapped from Sky to BT TV a year or so ago. Very happy with it. Interface is imho better than sky's. Plenty of catch up with BBC, itv and plenty of other channels. Recording is a doddle. There are some good cashback deals and like all the telcos you can screw them for a good deal annually by threatening to leave.

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    Dom - we've only twice in 8? years been without Sky - once for under 2 weeks and another time for less than a month. Get yourself a Now TV box OR use it on computer & you can easily use that, possibly at no cost via TCB or otherwise low cost (just use different email addresses). You can get catch up TV on there free no monthly charge whatsoever - BBC, ITV Channel 4 & 5. There would easily be enough programs for a child on there at no extra cost.

    Yes you have to haggle on a yearly basis & make sure you cancel on a specific date so you don't get charged BUT that's really not too much hassle to get a GREAT deal & you can get a great deal if you set a limit on what you want to pay & tell them this. You can also record back for 4 weeks normally on serials you've missed when in haggling period so you miss nothing.

    I think on average we've probably over the years paid around ?3-4 a month, once you take into account cashback from Sky. We've had over 2 years of everything incl. Sports & Movies and have had box-sets for over 2 years.

    TBH we'd have probably got through 2 Humax boxes in that time PLUS we've had a far greater variety of programs to choose from. TBH neither of us now would want to be without the Discovery channels or Sky Atlantic, Fox etc. It's been cost effective for us as neither of us like things like BB, celebrity lives, fly on the wall carp etc.

    Take a look at TCB Quidco & Sky offers, often you can get both - also take a look at the haggling thread on MSE - but I normally get FAR better rates than other people who just can't be without their Sky channels. I always aim for the highest amount cashback from Sky I've seen + the lowest rate for the best they'll offer. It's worked well for us & I'm sure it could for you too if you're not eager to jump at what they initially offer you once your 1st year is up.
    NO more Tescos for me and 'customer service?' by Basil Fawlties - WHY didn't they let them watch the WHOLE of the training DVD's?

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    I might look at Sky in the fullness of time but at the moment the BT offer (?189 CB plus ?125 Sainsbury voucher) seems pretty unbeatable.

    As I said earlier - we don't want to be without a recorder. I work shifts so can go a week without really watching TV if I'm on middle shifts as I'm out at midday and not home till 10pm. So being able to go back 7 days is not necessarily much help then.

    I don't know how the catchup TV works but we also like the recorder as we can find say a RaaRaa the Noisy Lion within seconds on a list of recorded programmes. When you've got a 2 yr old having a meltdown that's handy!

    But possibly I'm making excuses in part as I really don't like Sky because of the amount of people who say they have to haggle etc. I hate that. It's like insurance - I don't haggle. I find a much cheaper provider and cashback and basically tell the old insurer to shove it. I'm not prepared to haggle. If you want my business offer me a good price or naff off. I don't do business with companies who want to rip me off then are happy to reduce the price if I find a better deal elsewhere. In my opinion they don't deserve my business.

    We are happy with what Freeview gives us TBH. There's more to it than the programmes you describe. We love Homes under the Hammer for example!
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Catch up tv often covers the last 4 weeks. Our (dodgy) Humax is used for madams programmes but we never record anything for ourselves now because it's all there 'on demand' It took us a while to change over, we carried on recording things for a while until we were confident we could find things. It is much easier if it's all in one place but like everything the more you learn to navigate your way around the catch up services the easier it becomes.

    What channel is Raa Raa on? Madam was traumatised when the Humax hadn't recorded the first in a new series but when we searched for it there were heaps of the old ones still available.

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    Ok. I can't see it on atm. Have you got a smart TV or deviceyou can use for catch up? You could keep the Humax as a library for Toby and have a look at catch up. You may find you don't need it as much as you think then you can get just broadband and line rental. We don't even look for inclusive calls anymore as we use the mobiles.

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    No we definitely need a way to record stuff. Sometimes we don't watch for weeks or months but like to have a library of things to go at. 95% of TV is rubbish so we like to capture the small amount of stuff we do want. I also like to have it with no time limit so I can watch whenever I want to.

    And yes things like RaaRaa, Chuggington and ShowMeShowMe come and go so may not be in the 4 week window so any recorder needs to be reliable enough for any series that comes up as obviously they grow up and things come and go.
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    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    In that case you may only get what you need with your own recorder, I know Sky delete things from the Sky box if the programme comes to the end of it's licence, don't know how it works with BT and Talk Talk.

    Looking at my EE account I ordered on the 18th August and line rental started on the 27th.

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