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Thread: TV recording, catchup TV etc - thoughts please

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    Quote Originally Posted by MomaBee View Post
    In that case you may only get what you need with your own recorder, I know Sky delete things from the Sky box if the programme comes to the end of it's licence, don't know how it works with BT and Talk Talk.

    Looking at my EE account I ordered on the 18th August and line rental started on the 27th.

    The problem is we've had three HD recorders and had reliability issues with them all. Admittedly the last Humax was second hand, but as I said above, when you factor in cashback with BT we will be paying just ?17 a month equivalent to the line rental. So free box and broadband and the catchup for nothing.
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    What I was trying to say is on your own recorder you decide when things are deleted. With Sky they sometimes delete things off your Sky box which you have recorded but not watched. I don't know if BT do the same.

    This BT/Sainsbury's offer is only for 7 days so it might go up again next week.

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    Hmmm - not sure if Sky actually do delete anything that is downloaded to your box? We've missed start of some series & downloaded to box - in the blurb on 2nd info box they say 'this program will be deleted on 16th July' however once it's downloaded to your box you get to watch it - even 6m later you get to watch. We tend to download entire series & watch them at the end so we don't have to wait until next episode, plus we can skip all the adverts. Never yet had anything, I don't think, removed from box.
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    I'll have to speak to my daughter. My son had something deleted and I heard them discuss it. I thought she said there was a way of knowing if it would be ok or not. I'll post back when I hear.

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    There are a few people complaining about deleted programs. Apparently you can check for the expiry date

    You can find this out yourself by pressing the i button on your remote against the episode in your planner. The deletion date will then be shown in the synopsis area - sometimes the deletion date is different (longer) than the expiry date.

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    Read through this quickly do might be suggesting something that's already dismissed, but virgin?
    Pretty sure for line rental and bb you get free tv with their basic box which is recordable programmable and hd. Great broad band!
    Been with them for 9 years New and keep ringing every year it so to get best deal.
    Nightmare to set up, great when it's in, you also don't own the box, so if you have issues they'll replace it free.
    Always got cash back for joining, paid by 3v too
    Worth a look. Good luck with whoever you go with, it depends what you want in a package do bt, virgin or sky one will be best I'm sure, and all have their plus points and negatives
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    Cheers - not looked at Virgin so will do so before deciding.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Just checked and it says I'm not in their area. So that's that! Also less cashback, no Sainsburys voucher and the monthly cost is discounted for 9 months, which suggests after 9 months it's full whack.

    I'm still to see anything better than BT but do appreciate the posts even if they've only convinced me what I thought originally was best for us, is likely to be.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    It's typical that now I want to apply for BT the Sainsburys vouchers have disappeared! I'm hanging on, hopefully it will be back soon.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Doesn't BT have a lot of restrictions on it and would need a VPN? I'm sure the offer will come back Dom.

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