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Thread: HolidayExtras - Am I pushing my luck?

  1. Default HolidayExtras - Am I pushing my luck?


    Anyone on here who has ever booked a hotel or parking (or both) at an airport has probably heard of or probably used Holiday Extras.

    I've used Holiday Extras twice - both times going thru TCB and getting about 12% cashback - however, both times I've used them, I've taken "advantage" of their "Free If" guarantee:

    in short - find it cheaper elsewhere and you get a full refund.

    I've been "lucky" enough to get claims accepted twice.

    And now I'm looking to book my next holiday and again - given the ridiculously early flight time, a hotel stay beforehand is in order - and again, I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

    So far in my two bookings, I've had refunds totalling more than ?200 - so I'm starting to feel I might be pushing my luck?

    There's always something in the small print in these guarantees that normally allows them to deny any claim - but to be fair to them - I've been successful maybe??

    Anyone else done similar?

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    Why not?

    If you're worried it won't be accepted then pay the few pounds more to allow you to cancel
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    I've had separate refunds a 'few' times (I won't mention how many!) for many years - every one has normally been for more than ?200 as normally we go for 2-5+wks.
    We were going abroad 5-6 times a year until hubby was ill & I always took advantage of holiday extras - paying the ?2.50 extra to make it cancellable.

    There are threads on here about it.

    Well worthwhile doing & it's nice to come back to a profit or interest (with TCB) for them holding your money. I ALWAYS try to get a match - why not?
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    Thanks Wishes - I looked up those threads and they're two years old!!!!
    So - not a lot of recent activity - interesting.

    It does seem to be very easy to get a match.....which makes me think at some stage HE will "turn nasty" and start declining things.

    Yes the old cancellation insurance seems to be a bit of a con.....some rooms are "non flexible" - therefore presumably non-cancellable - so what's the point of an insurance? Then other rooms seem to be cancellable - but with a fee of ?15 (unless you have the insurance) - very strange!

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    I've just finished a booking with them, how does this all work? It was a hotel and parking combo...

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    If you can find the same "package" elsewhere for cheaper, you can call their "free if" line and ask for a refund - or it might be online/email now?
    Generally speaking, with hotel and parking, it might only be the hotel's own website which will offer the same package (places like Expedia, etc. do not seem to offer "packages") -

    So, if you can find exactly the same product cheaper within 24 hours of
    confirming your booking with Holiday Extras, it's yours for FREE*
    (the few applying terms and conditions are listed below)

    Reclaiming your money is really easy.
    Simply fill out this form or call us on 01303 815308 and let us know.
    And that's it.



    If you think you have found the same thing cheaper elsewhere, call us on 01303 815308.

    NOTE: BT landline calls cost up to 10p per minute. Calls from mobiles and other numbers may vary.

    Please ensure that the product (or package of products) you are comparing is identical in all respects and that it meets the terms set out below. ANY VARIATION MEANS WE CAN NEITHER MATCH THE PRICE NOR REFUND THE COST.


    1 - The parking, hotel or lounge product, or package of products under comparison must be the same in every respect, including parking and valet parking by the same supplier, as that which you purchased from Holiday Extras, and the same the cancellation terms.
    2 - Where multiple rooms are booked each room is regarded as a separate product.
    3 - You must make your claim within 24 hours of making and paying for your booking with Holiday Extras.
    4 - Successful claims will not be paid until after the return date originally booked.
    5 - You must use the products or package of products as per the booking against which you are making your claim.
    6 - Cancellation of the booking cancels your right to claim under this guarantee.
    7 - Comparison prices must be listed and quoted in pounds sterling.
    8 - Our Free If Guarantee will not apply to price-differences of 50 pence or less.

    1 - Insurance products
    2 - Coach travel
    3 - Car hire
    4 - Theme park breaks
    5 - Prices from other suppliers conditional on buying other products
    6 - Prices that are part of a customer loyalty, members? or loyalty reward scheme
    7 - Prices that are part of a staff discount scheme
    8 - Prices that are part of any other discount or special offer deal. However, in the event that you find a lower price through such discount or special offer deal within 24 hours of confirming your booking with Holiday Extras, we will match the discounted rate you have found.
    9 - Hotel-with-coach products
    10 - Hotels or parking in the Republic of Ireland
    11 - London city centre hotels
    12 - Rail packages
    13 - London city centre parking
    14 - Overseas lounges
    15 - Packages with different cancellation terms
    16 - London theatre breaks

    NOTE: When calculating we consider only the price of the product or package of products, not any additional fees or charges e.g. credit card surcharges.

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    So "LHW" - did you manage to make a claim? Was it successful?

    I was going to start a new thread - but decided to add my point here.

    Firstly, I had been tracking prices for a few weeks - but decided to hold off booking until closer to my dates (partly because of cash flow problems - but also, as HE don't give the refund until after the date of staying, I didn't want to "tie up the funds" for so long) - however, I soon regretted that course of action.

    When I decided the time was right (there was still about 4 weeks before my holiday), the hotel I had been tracking (i.e. HE's price versus the hotel's own website price) disappeared from the results on HE!! Still showing on their own website - but interestingly - also missing from a few other websites - I actually think HE's stock of rooms/packages for my dates had sold out - I did find it on different dates.

    I had a plan B. I booked a different hotel/parking package.

    If anyone knows HE - they have quite a strange set up - normally when booking hotels, it's fairly clear whether you're booking a fully refundable deal, or a non-refundable advance deal. With HE - it's slightly less clear - they do sometimes have "non flexible rates" - other times, the assumption is that it's a refundable/cancellable rate - but it comes with a cancellation charge - ?15 for a room/parking package - however, as someone said earlier - you can pay for "cancellation insurance" (?2.49).

    Anyway - as I'd been successful in two previous claims - I felt that HE have been fairly lax in their comparisons - so thought I'd try my luck again.

    I booked on HE - paid the ?2.49 cancellation insurance.

    Found the same package elsewhere for ?10 less - but this was a non-refundable rate.

    HE came back and turned me down!! Hey ho. I've since cancelled.

    I'm now looking for alternative arrangements!! I'm trying to do things on a budget - hence looking for a "freebie" - but here's my dilemma.

    I have an early morning flight - so I need to be at airport about 430am.
    I cannot get a lift from family/friend - so I have to make my own way.
    Public transport is a possibility - but obviously not ideal due to the timings.
    Taxi fares are too exorbitant.
    And as I will be checking out of any hotel (if I did stay in one) at about 4am - I'm thinking whether it's worth paying for a night - especially as there are no "cheap" deals - even the Premier Inn's saver rate has gone up from ?45 to ?70. And all these rates tend to come with extra shuttle bus charges on top.

    So I started looking at parking only options - still not ideal - don't really want to be driving to airport at 330am!! However - here's a curious find:

    I need parking from early Wed morning (4am) to collect my car the following Monday evening (7pm).
    I slot those times and dates in - and the general results are around the ?48-?55 mark (depending on which car park).

    Out of curiousity - I tried from the previous evening (read something about sleeping in the airport!!!) - so Tues 10pm - Mon 7pm - and the quotes were cheaper by about ?5 in some car parks.


    Can I book the cheaper rate (i.e. to get there for 10pm on Tuesday ) but turn up 6 hours late?

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    There's not really too much point in asking for anyone's advice on this matter - I think this is one of those things where due to supply/demand - prices are as they are - and there's not a lot that can be done about it.

    I am aware there are discounts if I go thru MSE, or even RAC offer a discount - alternatively, there are cashback deals from TCB and Quidco - but we're still talking about the cost of a 4* luxury hotel in my holiday destination (one night) being less than the cost of getting to and/or parking at the airport.

    And yes - more expensive than my 3 hr return flight (on RA!!)
    rant over.....

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    Any reply from LHW??

    Anyway - just an update on my own post and situation -

    In the end - I did manage to book a hotel the night before thru Holiday Extras - paid more than ?160 for a night in one of the better hotels - found it slightly cheaper on another website and managed to get a successful "Free if" claim - so another free night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barafear799 View Post
    Any reply from LHW??

    Anyway - just an update on my own post and situation -

    In the end - I did manage to book a hotel the night before thru Holiday Extras - paid more than ?160 for a night in one of the better hotels - found it slightly cheaper on another website and managed to get a successful "Free if" claim - so another free night.

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    Never really taken much notice of this before, don't know why! Anyway, was reading about it today on the dibb and have decided to try my luck. Have booked a lounge at Heathrow which I found cheaper elsewhere, so have filled in the form and sent in the screenshots. Looking forward to hearing back.

    Am contemplating booking a hotel with parking (don't need the parking but seems easier to find cheaper rates elsewhere with parking included for some strange reason). My only concern is making sure its like for like, as Holiday Extras don't seem to give a lot of details about the bed situation. For example, I'm going with my 18 year old son (possibly) so put 2 twin beds into HE as my preference. Hotel I looked at on their own website don't appear to do twin beds, instead only shows one double bed. However, they do have family rooms with 2 double beds, but I'm thinking to get one of those I'd probably have to put 2 adults and 2 kids into the search on HE to get that room? Finding it slightly confusing!
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