Just looking at the update emails that come in from Quidco - the ones that tell you that a retailer has altered their cashback rates - the ones we normally only glance at.

One of my lesser used Q accounts had under its instore cashback lists - top left first tab - 50% cashback off at Cafe Neros. I had to register a credit card and click to activate. There was quite a list of retailers of which maybe only 2 or 3 I normally use. cafe Nero was one of them

I also checked my usual Q account which already has a CC card registered and it's only giving 1 % cashback

All of the food in Neros is overpriced but I suppose a porridge would be a good alternative to eating in Greggs

( there is also a nice nectar offer that started yesterday 50 nectar points for any size hot drink - think you would need to have this separately as on Q it says nit with any other offers)