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Thread: Quidco cutting Amazon payout bonus

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    Default Quidco cutting Amazon payout bonus

    Quidco are cutting the Amazon payment bonus from 2% to 1%.

    We're writing to you with important news about Quidco cashback withdrawals paid out as Amazon Gift Certificates.

    As you're probably aware, by choosing to withdraw your Quidco cashback as an Amazon Gift Certificate you've benefited from a 2% Payout Bonus.

    Please be advised that from Saturday, 12 September we'll be reducing the rate of this Payout Bonus to 1%. While the drop may come as a disappointment we're pleased to say there's still time to take advantage of the current higher rates.

    If you're paid automatically the current rates will be applied to your cashback earnings this week if you have selected Amazon Gift Certificates as your payout option. If you're currently paid on request, you should select Pay Me on your homepage NO LATER THEN MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY, 8 SEPTEMBER. Your Amazon Gift Certificate will then be sent to your registered email address as part of our payment run on Thursday, 10 September.

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    If on premium its gone from 6% to 2%. I had this and topcashback but will certainly cancel quidco premium now

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