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Thread: 2 for ?7 on Chocolate tubs

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    Default 2 for ?7 on Chocolate tubs

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    Thanks, do you know if it's available in store too?

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    Yep - bought 2 in store yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by sr123 View Post
    Yep - bought 2 in store yesterday
    Great, might have to visit them

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    We fell for this last year, and brought quite a few in anticipation... Then ended up eating them and replacing them lol, and I don't think we gave as many tubs as we thought we would lol.
    It's a great deal just need to work out what we need rather than randomly buy lol

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    Confirmed - however looks like Heroes have reduced in weight again (695g), Celebrations same as last year (750g).

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    The are all ?4 in Tesco at the moment as well (that's their offer)

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