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Thread: Ocado bag reuse discount

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    From Ocado:

    What is the Bag Recycle Bonus?
    We?re improving our current recycling scheme to encourage everyone to recycle their used bags once they have finished with them. So, from the 28th September, we will give you 5p for every used bag you give us to recycle. And that?s not just our carrier bags, we will happily give you 5p for carrier bags from other supermarkets too.

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    Hmmm... great at first glance but the net gain is zero (aside from some initial saving with non-charged bags prior to Oct 5th) as they will have already charged you 5p for the bags, or the competitor bags they are recycling were also charged at 5p each. Wish they would have done this a year ago.

    Even wearing out existing non-bagforlife bags completely then recycling them from Ocado would only gain you 5p each briefly, as you would then have to replace them for 5p or buy bagforlife - even if there is a massive excess of them in the house it is only going to be a one off small gain.

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    The main benefit here is surely swapping 'new for old' rather than an opportunity to make a profit; save your worn out bags to give Ocada for recycling and their compensation will cover the replacement cost of new bags. Sounds good to me!

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    The question is why would anyone pay 5p to then have any worn out 5p bags? The bag quality is quite frankly crap compared to paying 6p for an Asda bag for life or 10p for a Tesco one, which is replaced free forever. They also seem to hold 2-3 times as much.

    I hate the whole thing to be honest. Every bag we got from a supermarket was used multiple times, either on future shops or small bin liners. Now I have to pay for bags because the general population can't be bothered to re-use theirs? Worse I have to pay even more, because I have to buy bin liners I didn't need to before.

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