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Thread: Anyone experiencing delays with conversions to BA Avios?

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    anyone converted to Avios recently ? I just logged in to do one and notice the tesco's boost page for Avios is changed slightly- it now calculates how many Avios you will receive when you type in how many vouchers you want to convert and didn't ask if my address matched my clubcard address.

    There were quite a few other visual changes in layout too. Hopefully it's just appearance rather than programming since I wanted to convert vouchers from one account via my separate main account. This has always worked in the past let's hope they haven't put an end to it ! I guess I'll find out in a few days.
    I moved some from a secondary account thru my main account to BA last week, I've just checked and they arrived fine. I had actually completely forgotten that account but got an email from Tesco letting me know I had vouchers near to expiry. Ordered a new card online and when it arrived I could get back in the account. Only ?9.50 worth but glad to get them converted.

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    that's good to know, I'm not sure when the change happened as I haven't converted any for a few weeks but it's definitely different to how it used to be.

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