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Thread: Morrisons till-spit 7500 points

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    Default Morrisons till-spit 7500 points

    Got a decent till-spit today from Mozzers..

    7500 match & more points ( worth ?7.50 ) when spend ?60.

    Better than the zilch I get from Mr T lately.
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    I got one for 2,500 Match and More points WYS ?20 yesterday. Nearly left it at the till! I was using self service and didn't think to check for till spits. Luckily the till assistant watching over self service pointed it out to me.

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    Just spent my 7500 points slip on wine, and then went across the road to Aldi for my real shopping.

    Mr T has also tried to tempt me, but ?4 off ?40 spend still leaves his prices higher than the competition so won't be using that one.

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    I got a 13,500 till spit today, but need to spend ?110 to get it.

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    I got a till spit for 2,000 match and more points WYS ?20 today. Also got a till spit for triple points on your next shop. Does anyone know if I can use both on a single shop? I don't mean to treble the 2,000 bonus points but to treble the base points on the same ?20 shop.

    Both coupons say you can't use them with 'money off basket' coupons.

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