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Thread: Lego Investment

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    They all went in a matter of days, dipped my toe in again with a few from very with 20% off that I?m holding longer term.

    Usually I?d look for bigger discount but for this set I don?t see it being discounted often unless a retailer mass discounts the entire range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glyno View Post
    I was selling lots of JW sets also and see that they are typically ?50 a box more now.

    The issue with all of this for me is: Is it my money or someone else's (i.e. the credit card company)?

    If it is my own money I can sit on something for every, however if a credit card company you always have the pressure of paying the credit card bill.

    Loads have been marked up for retirement and retired in the last fortnight. There have been some good deals about.

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    I mean on this thread, yes lots of retirements recently and deals to be had
    1/6/12 = Now mortgage free

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    What have you been buying the?

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    More of a mixture this year, not so many standout sets like SD & JW this time around. Quite drawn to the elves theme and staying away from the modulars.

    Regretting not buying more of some retiring sets now in the last Tesco 3 4 2,

    Although I have actually bought some Lego for myself, but still haven't built
    1/6/12 = Now mortgage free

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    Lego elves that retired last year has done me well. The big set I was getting for ?40 and have just sold my last one at ?110. Also got some ?25 sets direct from tesco that have been selling at ?58.

    I've stocked up well on the shadow castles. And got quite a few of the smaller sets as well.

    I compare this to star wars sets that I paid ?60 for with a RRP of ?100 and am selling at ?90. I think people follow the trend and then the market gets flooded. The trends will change and it goes full circle. On thing I'm interested in seeing is how the millenium falcoln does when it retires as these got cleared quickly when retirement was announced. I've got a handful of these but would have liked more at a decent price.

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