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Thread: TCB Easter Egg Hunt Competion

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    Might be Fitflop today? Got my 14th prize draw out of 15 hummingbirds for it......

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    Yes fitflop today.

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    Cote today.

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    And today it is LV= Life Insurance.

    The LV bit is easy from the clue but you have to plod through all the alternatives and life insurance worked for me. Well, I say worked but only got a prize draw.

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    I assumed life insurance due the hands holding a small plant. Got a 2nd egg out of a set of 4.

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    I also got another hummingbird today with which I was using to book a hotel! Gosh; I think random hummingbirds appear as well. (It was only a draw though.)

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    Royal Caribbean Cruises today. 1 egg out of 3.

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    Boohoo (.com) today.

    Got my third egg in a row as well to help me finish off with 2/3 or 3/4 on all the higher prizes.

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