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Thread: TCB and Hilton

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    Default TCB and Hilton

    Does anyone know is TCB still pay Hilton cashback in clubcard points outside if the 50 cap?

    I did look at the TCB site but couldn't find it


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    If it's payable give it a go but I have heard that it doesn't work anymore but you might be lucky as it's glitchy.

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    Thanks Steve, not payable yet, but was hoping for the extra CC points

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    Mine should be payable soon and I have maxed out the 50 so will try it and report back.

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    I can confirm it DOES work. I'm up to the 50 Tesco limit and drew some payable TCB down from Hilton to Tesco CC today

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    Thanks for confirming - makes Hilton a lot more attractive

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    I wouldn't count on it working but a bonus if it does!

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    Its very glitchy - official word from TCB that once you hit the 50 annual limit you can't send anymore across (even Hilton)
    But I have on 2 separate occasion sent Hilton TCB across to Tesco whilst I am over the 50 annual limit.
    That said, I can't send any across at the moment.
    So just keep trying.

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    Are Hilton still a partner?
    They're blacked out and unclickable for me.

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    Same here, that's a worry

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