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Thread: Till spit and GC

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollowhead View Post
    The points were added😀😀

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    I used a 4000 pts on ?40 spend today on some gift cards, fingers crossed

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    I tried this recently and the 15,000 points did not post for an ?80 spend that was mostly GCs. Maybe they have fixed their IT.
    Although it was not a till spit, but some vouchers we got in the post.

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    I may have to retract my previous statement. Out popped 3 x ?5 till spits today!
    So the points didn't show on the receipt as normal points do, but clearly they must be against your account somewhere

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    Has anyone tried this recently and got
    Points? I have a 8500 if you spend ?70 voucher tillspit and want to use it to include a couple of GC?

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    I tried to use a 7,000 point on ?70 spend tilspit.

    it was fresh issued and the cashier and manager could not process it against ?70 of amazon vouchers.

    I will try again later in the week with a little shopping mixed in.

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    I tried 2 weeks ago. I had a 3500 points off a ?30 spend. I bought an amazon GC and some bread. The cashier couldn't get the points added and called a manager over. The manager said it wouldn't go through as the till showed a message 'minimum spend not met'. Then she told me (very nicely and apologetically) that GC spends to not count for bonus points. It was worth a try though.

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