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Thread: Morrisons Fuel Voucher scheme ending 11 July

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    Default Morrisons Fuel Voucher scheme ending 11 July

    Got an email with the usual corporate nonsense......

    We have listened to our customers and they have told us they like being rewarded with ?5 vouchers ? our Morrisons Fivers. They also said they want to earn points in more places. So from the 11th July 2016, we are introducing 100's * of Morrisons More Points to be earned when customers buy ?10 or more worth of gift cards. With the Morrisons More Card our customers now earn points every time they shop with us.

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    Corporate flannel to mask the fact they are making a cut in benefits as they devalue the scheme.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    You can now earn 25 Morrisons More Points for every ?1 you spend on gift cards.

    25points = 2.5p

    In other words spend ?200 on cards to get a ?5 voucher, whereas before for a standard size tank of approx 40 litres, 1p per ?10, spending ?200 on cards would have saved you ?8.

    Importantly, you cannot use the ?5 voucher on fuel!

    So absolutely this is a further devaluation.
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    I preferred the Tesco fuel scheme myself, it was great in the 3V days!

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    This is not good news. Let's hope Tesco don't follow 😞

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    Yep i have sacked off Morrisons again as the extra points coupons have dried up lately, and hence the ability to get ?5 vouchers anytime soon.

    Started using Sainsburys home delivery ( too far away for normal shop ) as they have been emailing me 10 WYS 50 coupons.

    so i have gone Tesco ==>Morrisons==>Sainsburys..

    I did a recent review of a Red Spotted Hanky ( Tesco boost ) recently - praised the RSH deal, but noted that it could be the last one for me as Tesco no longer give me any incentive to shop there - no extra points or money off coupons for eons. I didnt think they would put my review up because of that, but fair play to them, they did.

    Apologies for going off on a tangent..
    Away from the numbers

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    my daughter tried to use these on fuel at the weekend, they refused but said she could take to customer services and they would change them. Not sure what they do, she couldnt be bothered going back instore again!

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    Why? If its in date they have to honour it.

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