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    Rootgrow Lawn Revive Pack - Ideal World priice ?0 +?4.99 P&P .You can order 3 sets that sell for ?19 each on Ebay & Amazon.
    I Just had 12 sets of the Garden cleaner 3 pack thats on offer at ?0 for the total of ?8.88 P&P from last weeks cheap P&P offer.

    Rootgrow Lawn Revive Pack x 3 ?0.00
    Delivery Details
    Your order will be dispatched within the next 4-5 days
    Sub Total ?0.00
    Discount -?0.00
    Delivery ?4.99
    Total ?4.99
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    I actually need some grass seed so have just bought some, would have liked more but they only have 2 left now.

    Don't think you'll get ?19 on ebay though unless you split the seed and the flowers as it is not something most people would buy together.

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    The Garden cleaner 3 pack was great for cleaning the family holiday homes and there are bits in the craft offers.

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    They are still selling it on amazon for ?19 never tell you its they own brand.

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