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Thread: TopCashBack Sweet Treats is back, Summer treats

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    Eyeball with Zavvi for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gill View Post
    Working fine for me. Got one for Zavvi but is that just the random one? Can't link zavvi with the clue?
    What are the zombies saying... Aaaaa.. Ooooooo

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    Not sure what zombies have to do AO (unless an earlier Halloween thing or TCB is implying the company employs people who could well be zombies!).

    As I said, it's blind luck should anything actually work for me so if something comes up, that's good enough for me
    Added: 20-30secs before the Hummingbird appeared on AO (through Chrome) just now. Zero mention of the sweet treats promo thing anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by widget100 View Post
    What are the zombies saying... Aaaaa.. Ooooooo


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    Today's answer is Currys.

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    Prize draw for me again

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    Thanks I was struggling with that one!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by markat View Post
    Today's answer is Currys.
    Thanks for that Mark - I've just won 25p - the most I have ever won with 'sweet treats'
    Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS

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    Has anyone been "paid" for a win yet, I've got 50p and 10p due and I remember it only taking 24 hours to appear in my account previously.

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    Nope, I won 25p 1st day and it's not been paid. They've also just 'declined' a ?2 snap and save from 3 weeks ago.

    Getting sick of logging support tickets. Currently have 7 open.

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