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    I have just ordered a couple of ...
    Mathey-Tissot Gents Swiss Edmond Quartz with Leather Strap
    Mathey-Tissot Gents Swiss Chronograph Steel Case with Leather Strap
    From a on line shop that fulfils a order even when the item is priced wrong.
    So are they worth selling or just keep for work ?.
    Updated web page have them at around ?345 + each.


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    Nothing to do with Tissot.
    Ideal World are selling them & the UK distributor has a mobile as the registered contact details.
    Not much demand on eBay & not selling for much - most new for under ?50.
    I'd get a refund.
    How much did you pay for them?

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    Not a problem at ?5 + free P&P this is normal for them to put the wrong price up and to day they are selling for ?340 to ?399.

    Thanks Again

    The video
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