I could not see a separate thread for this years extravaganza so might it be a good idea, moderator what do you think?

Ive registered my card just and there seems to be less useful shops on it, possibly my imagination but Ive whittled it down to a short list of a butchers, farm shops, book shop and gift shops so thats a start.

On the list is a place which I know shut its doors in the summer and I vaguely remember last year or previous someone finding similar on their own list, a non existent shop and they rang Amex to tell them. Amex kindly put ?5 onto their account.

I might have made this up or got confused the details. If not though do I ring them up or wait until 03/12 and ring and say I tried to go to x shop but its closed down???

There are some odd ones on my list, one seems to be for a local festival which takes place every Easter. I know there is a website but I doubt if its the 2017 version and i doubt even more if there are tickets for sale this early. Most of the events take place around the town and in pubs so mostly its non ticketed anyway. I am wondering if this one should even be on the list