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Thread: 13 CB for 25 ASDA shop for new time ASDA customer.

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    Default 13 CB for 25 ASDA shop for new time ASDA customer.

    As the title says. Going for the next 4 days.

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    Thank you.

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    Did this wo k for everyone? Mine hasn't tracked.

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    I actually found that Quidco had it 6.05 for a 25 shop

    So I took a risk and went with Quidco and asked them to match against TCB. Their guarantee says they will double the difference.

    Luckily for me they did indeed match it. My 25 Asda shop will have cost me 7.05.

    I didn't want to put it here, as it was speculative, and possibly ending up with only 6.30 CB instead of a guaranteed 13 (assuming TCB tracks for those that did it). It was also only available for a a couple of days, and depending on when quidco actually looked at the claim, the better TCB could have gone.

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    So my qudico cashback eventually went payable last week, and I indeed did get that 25 shop for 7.05.

    Of course the fact that it takes 5 months to get the 19.95 takes a bit of the shine of it, but even so, at least it worked out.

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