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    Is it possible to ask your luggage to be transferred to another airline when you've travelled with a different airline and bought tickets separately? My parents have a 4 hours stop over in Turkey after traveling with Turkish Airlines but they want to take a BA flight they've bought separately and visit me. Wondering if they'll have to pass through passport control, collect luggage and then check in again with BA. Can they not request luggage transfer in between aircrafts and treat the 2nd flight like a connecting flight?

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    Maybe if the airlines were part of the same Airline Alliance, but even then that might not be possible.

    Best to assume not, but ask at check in to see if they will accommodate.

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    No it isn't.

    In fact Oneworld/BA changed the rules to earlier this year so that you cant even do it between two BA flights on separate tickets so you've no chance from Turkish to BA.

    See below.

    International transfer passengers (flight routes issued on separate ticket) continuing to a foreign destination with another airline*.
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    Thanks for your help.

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