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    I'm thinking about buying a Kodi box, but I'm so out of date with techno stuff now. Can anyone tell me the best one to get, should it be jail broke n fully loaded? Are these legal to use, sound so good ...... TIA x

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    You may think you're out of date but to some of us "jail broke n fully loaded" are a complete mystery!

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    I don't know what they mean lol but they were options on Amazon 😂

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    My uncle had a similar android box - but it was very frustrating - such a long process to get channels. He'd find a decent sports channel then a few days later it would have vanished so he had to search for another. Even just changing channels wasn't like a normal TV with the single press of a button.
    However on my recent holiday a bar/cafe we went in run by an older gent - had a similar box - August DVB600. One day when it was quiet we asked if he could get the rugby on the TV - he said he didn't know exactly as it was new & his son had sorted it for him. However he gave us the remotes & said try to get it up on the TV. Within a minute or so I had sorted it all out & that box was so easy to use. You could flick through channels exactly like a normal TV. The picture quality was fantastic - only once did it stop/load/freeze. But we changed over to the football then back & it was all ok again. I've seriously considered getting one of the August boxes - but I can't find out if you can link them to some sort of recorder. I do like my Virgin Tivo - getting to record many different things at once.

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    I use Kodi but just the app on desktop and phone, I only got it as I took out a subscription with Ultimatemania (check their facebook page for info). I know that most people get a box and use it to watch TV and although Ultimatemania is safe, if you are just looking to get free channels and movies I read that you could be asking for trouble with Viruses depending on what video add-on you install. Not sure if a TV can get a virus but wouldnt surprise me!

    For legal issues this might interest you:

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    I recently bought an Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi installed and must say great for Sport and Films etc.

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    I've challenged my other half to try to jailbreak an old Now TV box for this reason but he hasn't started yet. I'll let you know if it works

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    Just follow these instrutions

    Sideload Mobdro.apk

    Sideload firestarter

    Then install the beast skin

    Any problems give me a shout as I've done a few

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    Thanks everyone, I'll let you know how I get on .....

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    Any update on this?
    I'm putting off getting mine until I hear what you went for & how it is.

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