There was an offer in my Nectar Wallet for 16k points to switch to British Gas throughout December and early January. It said 'offer expires 4th January' and points will be awarded within 28 days.

I initiated the switch on 23rd December and the supply went live on 11th January.

Nectar initially confirmed the points, but have now withdrawn this stating the terms and conditions were that the switch had to be complete before the offer expiry date. Whilst this is silly, no energy provider would have been realistically able to meet that deadline before the middle of December, Nectar are not budging.

The call centre staff do not even know what British Gas is so I have given up there.

The email team are more forthcoming, but just send variations of the same cut and paste email, even though I've asked this to be recorded as a complaint etc... .

Any ideas on where to go?