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    Just wonder if anyone has used or uses either Amazon Pantry or Amazon Subscribe & Save?

    I'll try to briefly explain each as may be useful to some.

    The Amazon Pantry gives you are large box with a ?2.99 delivery fee (buy selected products to get free delivery).
    You then can fill the box with various products which take up a % of the box's volume (So a jar of coffee will take up far less volume than 6 kitchen rolls. Coffee may be 2% of the volume but the kitchen roll may be 10%).
    They have offers on for free products - it will say to add a product & the price will be discounted at the end.

    I help with a homeless charity so was looking at buying a few goodies & saw that Amazon Pantry was quite a bit cheaper than Tesco.
    The prices have now changed so I am wondering if it was a glitch.
    Cadbury Mini Eggs Family pack 328g was ?1.35 (41p per 100g compared to 87p for cheapest at Tesco).
    Box of Matchmakers were 50p.
    Free 1.75L of Coke Zero.
    Nesquik powder 300g - ?1.04 (on offer in Tesco at ?1.50).
    I got free delivery by buying 4 selected products which were the same price as those offered in Tesco (Robinsons squash).

    Amazon Subscribe & Save allows you to subscribe to regular deliveries of larger quantities of products.
    I think deliveries range from monthly to every 6 months.
    Quantities tend to be much larger so rather than just a single pack of 9 andrex loo rolls you have to buy five packs.
    If you subscribe to 5 products you can get 15% discount.
    Considering some of the prices are cheaper than in supermarkets anyway combined with the 15% discount makes it well worth while!
    You can cancel the subscription/s after delivery - just remember to!

    The Amazon Subscribe & Save are offering Andrex standard white loo rolls (5 packs of 9 rolls) at ?15.54 (inc the 15% discount).
    The cheapest at Tesco is 40.62p per roll (16 pack).
    The AS&S is 34.53p per roll so works out at ?2.70 per 45 rolls cheaper than the cheapest way to buy at Tesco.

    Might not be for everyone but worth checking out.

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    Thanks will have a look [emoji102]

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