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Thread: Some very sad news

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    Default Some very sad news

    I am sure many of our longest standing forum friends will remember Ashley aka Gobbyash. It is with great sadness I am posting he passed away suddenly on Wednesday evening.

    We used to chat on here and I met Ashley with his wife Liz and twins Tom and Alice while on holiday in Barbados a few years ago and we have been face book friends since. He was a lovely funny generous man and his family clearly adored him. So very very sad. Rest in peace Ashley.

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    Thank you Christine, Ash was here from near enough the start and whilst he had some quite raised views he was still a valued member. I'll be making a small contribution to the fundraising page that we spoke about on PM, and would hope people who remember him would also donate a nominal too.

    Ash was in midst of raising money for charity and sadly he wont be able to complete that now - would be a lovely memory if his target was met or even breached as a mark of respect.
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    This is the fundraising page in question
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    Thanks for letting us know, I remember him well. Such sad news.

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