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Thread: Over 10 years on this site..

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    Default Over 10 years on this site..

    So I don't come on here anymore really as we are on the otherside of the world !! But 10 years !!. Hope you are all finding the deals -I sooo miss them.

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    There still are deals over here, hope you find some on the other side of the world!

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    Its hard work, but I am just getting my mojo back as we now have more competition due to the amount of Aldis popping up. They are vamping up the rewards vouchers and mail shots for points -lol. No way near up to par with my past days of lovely points. When they 'promote' the schemes over here , the reps from the stores are poms, wishful thinking for the future that past mistakes will be made and I will know the ins and outs !! ( ozzie version of paid to shop one day !! )
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