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Thread: I sent the wrong item by mistake - how do I refund if need be?

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    Default I sent the wrong item by mistake - how do I refund if need be?

    Sent two items to people the other day and somehow ended up sending them each other's items.

    Going to refund one person (unless he does want the item) but I've no idea how to refund the amount + postage costs.
    (Did pay for postage and send the info to him but he had already paid for and sent the item back).

    I can refund the original amount through eBay without problem but no idea about the postage. Could do it through Paypal but I don't want them taking their share and it would be easier to do it officially in one shot if possible.

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    Send the money as a gift through paypal, there are no fees for gifts.

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    Is it worth them sending the items back & you sending them to the correct people (obviously you'd have to cover the return postage)?
    I've done this before - explained my mix up & said I'd cover postage costs to send back to me - both were fine with it!

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