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Thread: ?5 BONUS when you buy ?25 Amazon Gift Card (Top Up)

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    Default ?5 BONUS when you buy ?25 Amazon Gift Card (Top Up)

    Don't know if this is for everyone or just 'targeted accounts'?
    Just on Amazon & saw there was a ?5 bonus when you buy a ?25 Amazon Gift Card Top Up.

    What is Top Up?
    When you use Top Up, you are effectively purchasing an Gift Card that is automatically added to your Gift Card balance. You can directly and instantly top up an amount of your choice using a credit or debit card. You can also set up Auto Top Up, with the option of scheduling a Top Up on a regular frequency, or adding funds automatically when your balance drops below a selected amount.

    Try Top Up today and get an extra ?5 when you Top Up ?25 or more.

    To enjoy this special offer, you must:
    (1) have received an invitation directly on,
    (2) click the button 'Click to register for the Top Up reward? below, and
    (3) Top Up ?25 or more in a single order on

    We'll automatically apply the ?5 reward to your Gift Card balance and confirm by e-mail after your qualifying Top Up order has been processed.

    A nice little bonus for doing nothing!

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    I had this the other day and today had another offer of ?6 when you buy a ?30 gift card.

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    I think I did this a couple of months ago - if it appears again is it a new offer?

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