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Thread: Do people love to park next to someone else?

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    Default Do people love to park next to someone else?

    Sitting in my car in Sainsbury car park and chose a space 150m from the entrance, and not too close to the outside of the bays (closer to the middle).
    So far in the last half hour, 30 people have driven in, and:
    21 have parked next to me and directly behind me.
    6 within 2 spaces of me.

    There are 500 or so spaces, yet they all seem to home in on me!

    Added: got out of my car and stood next to the supermarket. No-one drove in.
    Back in my car and within 2 minutes, 1 person parked 2 spaces from me and 30 secs later, someone else right next to me.
    Have noticed that most seem to be larger 4x4s in which the driver barely has enough space to open the their door

    On a different topic, does putting your car into reverse in a supermarket car park act as a beacon to other drivers?
    Sit there and nothing passes you. The white reverse lights come on and suddenly there are cars coming from every direction.
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    I thinks it?s human nature to congregate !
    If I went to a restaurant I would opt from a table close(ish) to one already occupied rather than be isolated.

    I think you should be flattered that people are attracted to you (or your car) !

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    Nothing to do with supermarket cars parks but I used to have a yacht. Generally I would use buoys, pontoons or marinas but occasionally I would have to anchor. Seeing another yacht already anchored made me try to anchor close to it as if their anchor was holding the ground well then so too should mine. Others did exactly the same so the sort of picture you paint of parking in supermarket car parks happened. When the tide or wind changed then boats could bump into one another if anchored too close.

    I always try to park away from others as I assume opening doors will hit my car! Some of my local Tesco car park spaces have an area next to them hatched out and I usually try to park there with my wheels inside the painted part. This leaves more space on the other side to hopefully avoid other drivers door opening and trolley navigation skills!

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    yes,I try to do same-as far away from entrance as I can and a central space of three as well- to avoid other car doors hitting mine-but never fails to get another park next to me-even though there are many other spaces free-also use hatched out area if poss-stay away from vans+4x4s+ annoys me that people are too lazy to put their empty shop trolley in the bay-just leave them to run into peoples cars instead-especially if a windy day-or on a slope-I usually shift them to a safer place myself-its a don't care attitude these days

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