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    Thinking about using some Tesco deals to book a royal carribean cruise - but upon reading reviews on the Tesco rewards page it appears other customers have had some confusion with prices etc. So first am I correct in thinking if there is three of you in one cabin you can use ?510 per person e.g. ?1530 in total off the price of a cruise? Any helpful advice from anybody whom has spent their Tesco deals this way please?

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    How lovely - where are you thinking of going?
    Can't advise on the discount, sorry.

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    Thinking a beach destination. No where specific just a good value for money/deals.

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    Been with RC three times and going on fourth in 3 weeks but never had 3 in a room but quite sure ?510 per person is for all regardless of how many in room , just give them a call and quite sure they will confirm straight away.

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