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Thread: Sainsburys Swipe and Win Oct 26th-28th 2018

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    I filled up 5 times last night, the cashier advised me to fill up and then put the nozzle back. Wait a few moments and it resets, and you can then do another fill up. Then you can pay for 2 at once (you can't do more than 2 fill ups this way)
    Anyway, I won 2 x 200, 2 x 500 and 1 x 1,000. Pretty good return for ?50 fill up
    Ha ok.

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    Although i currently have a big stash of nectar points, i dont usually participate in this promo as Sainsbobs are too far away from home, but was near one today so put 2 x ?10 of petrol in her indoors motor, and got a 500 and 200.
    Away from the numbers

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    I did well yesterday, split my petrol into 4 lots and got 500, 1000, 500 & 500, then instore I got another 500, then DD joined me and as she didnt have her card gave me her 2 x 200 and I picked up a 2000 on an item of clothing and then a final 200 on her petrol. Also got double points on every petrol fill up except the first and a 6p off petrol a litre from a weekly coupon which DD used, so finished up with over 5,500 points in one day

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    Split my shopping up this afternoon, and got another 2,500 worth across 6 vouchers. Plus another 2 fill ups for a 200 and a 500
    So all in, just over ?25 back for a spend of ?130
    But no illusive 5,000 voucher this year for me!

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    2 x 500 and 1 x1000 on shopping and 1 x 500 on fuel. Better than last year.

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    500 on fuel yesterday and 500 in store.

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    Another 500 for me today on a ?10.70 shop.

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    Did another couple of shops today. One 200 and one 500 to go with the other 200 and 500, so 1400 points in all. Slightly disappointed I didn't win any 1k+ coupons this time round.

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    5000 here, beginners luck!

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    ?40 of shopping and ?10 of diesel gave 2 x 200, 2 x500 and ......... 1x 5000 . Yay. So ?32 for ?50.

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