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Thread: Red Spotted Hanky and CURRENT points

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    Default Red Spotted Hanky and CURRENT points

    I saw this on another website, so I am simply doing a copy and paste:

    Spoke to Tesco today at Clubcard customer services. Very helpful. The ability to turn points into faster vouchers will be available up to and including 20 January. It will then be switched off between 21 January and 3 February. Any points earned in Tesco stores or petrol stations (takes longer through other means) update overnight and are shown the following day. So if 20 January is the last day to convert points into fast vouchers, it means we have until 19 January to earn points. (however some transactions done late at night may not be processed until the following day so in effect would appear 2 days later).

    Once a request for a faster voucher is submitted online this takes up to 24 hours. The ability to request to boot vouchers through RSH is available until 31 January. You need a minimum of 150 points to convert into a faster voucher and then in installments of 50.

    The same also applies to RSH in that you need to convert a minimum of 150 then in upwards of 50 at a time.

    Finally, I was advised that any vouchers that are posted out - or make available to download online when the next statement is issued (i.e. if you don't convert them yourself) will not be sent out or issued until between 1 February and 16 February. Anyone waiting until their next regular statement will be too late if they wish to convert them to RSH vouchers.

    You either need to use vouchers that have already been issued by Tesco clubcard to you or convert your points in to faster vouchers by the dates given above.

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    Thank you.

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    Thanks for heads up - i was waiting for some points from inks to hit account, but i will just do faster vouchers on whats already there for RSH vouchers.

    ( I had already cleared whatver vouchers i had left into RSH )
    Away from the numbers

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