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Thread: Bees in decline

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    Does your neighbour actually know that these are diseased or have they just heard that there are a lot of diseased bees around? Some bee diseases are treatable but there are colonies that are just disappearing for no reason at the moment but I think that is mainly in America.
    Bees that are flying and foraging are unlikely to be diseased.
    I don't know sorry, we were in the garden talking about the bees one day, I think it was the year before last when we suspected was a hive inside one of our sheds, her husband is the church warden so I didn't query it.

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    we have a large honeybee nest on the fence opposite ours (adjacent to public walk way) have got a beekeeper coming out tonight - hope I dont have to paya as its on public property!
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    I shouldn't think you will have to pay Giz. A beekeeper will probably be glad of another colony of bees. It should be fairly easy for them to remove them if they are on a fence.

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    the beekeeper came out and removed them kept us entertained for a good idea - my OH even donned the spare kit and helped out as I took pictures

    the guy lives less than a mile away (over the fields about 200m) and was happy to have them - as I am part of a group looking at making the area they were found a good place for wildlife he has asked bout installing a few hives in the cordoned off areas - and even gave advise on what wild flowers we should be planting
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